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PICBASIC PRO™ Compiler 3.1 Downloads

Note that the PBP downloads on this page require a PBP 3.1 activation key.  If you haven't purchased the upgrade to 3.1 (still using a version 3.0 activation key), click here to download an older version of PBP that will accept your activation key.

PBP Version History

Download PBP 3.1.6  (148MB)

(Requires Windows 7 or newer)

  • This download will function as a trial version for 15 days, afterwards an activation key for PBP 3.1 is required for continued use.  Owners of PBP 3.0 and earlier may purchase upgrades to obtain new activation keys.
  • For newest device support, PBP requires that  MPLABX 5.35 be downloaded from Microchip and installed.
  • This version is compatible with MPLAB8, but the newest devices aren't supported by the older MPASMWIN assembler.
  • Download includes PBP, MicroCode Studio, and MicroCode Studio Plus (product key required for MCSP)

Migration notes
  • Moving programs from PBP 2.x to PBP 3

PBP Reference Manual
  • Revised December 2015

MPLABX 5.35 Plugin
  • Plugin Version  (PBP is not compatible with MPLABX versions later than 5.35.)

Users running Norton Anti-Virus may need to temporarily disable Norton in order to download updates.




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